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Summer CTE.2019

Summer CTE is back with new activities
Posted on 06/03/2019

McMinnville School District (MSD) students entering sixth through ninth grades are invited to attend summer Career and Technical Education (CTE) seminars this summer beginning June 24.

Enrollment is limited; registration will be open until sessions are full. Please return registration form to student's home school. 

The free sessions include a range of hands-on activities led by MSD teachers and will be held in McMinnville High School’s Career Technical Center or Patton Middle School.

The sessions run Monday – Thursday (unless otherwise noted) from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. and include a sack lunch. Transportation will be provided for students who live one mile or more from Patton (bus schedules will be available in June).

Sessions include:

Fun with Fibers!  (Patton Middle School) one session
Students will explore felting with wool fleece.  Using wet-felting techniques, students will create a small bag, and needle-felting to create a crazy face and little critters.  Led by Rona Aspholm and Kim McCoy. (June 24 – 27)

Code Your Own Adventure  (Patton Middle School) one session
Students will create a choose–your–own-adventure narrative that includes all the proper literary elements and plot using a storyboard and outline; write clear, detailed descriptions of plot and sequential dialogue; and plan a full story arc including various endings. Using Scratch, they will illustrate and code the story into an interactive program.  Led by Michele Brantner and Erin Hewitt. (June 24 – 27)

Yarn and Yards  (Patton Middle School) two sessions
In this two-week session, students will learn the basics of standard sewing machines and tabletop weaving looms. Math will be implemented through measuring, calculating sizes and fittings. Led by Sara Sanchez and Teri Wroblewski.  (June 24 – 27 and July 8 – 11) (July 22 – 25 and July 29 – August 1)

Creating Art, Stories and Games with Scratch  (Patton Middle School) two sessions
Students learn to create art, stories and games with Scratch block programming language, using programming concepts such as variables, decision making and looping.  Students will design original art and animate it for a screen saver; write a story, create sprites and tell the story with Scratch; and build games and play them using EV3 LEGO sensors and motors. Led by Taghrid Elmeligui. (July 8 – 11) (July 15 – 18)

In Your Face! Raspberry Pi Programming  (Patton Middle School) one session
This session explores physical programming using a combination of Python programming and electrical circuits.  Students will use a small, but versatile computer called a Raspberry Pi to learn how to turn on/off independent LEDs as well as those in a grid; manipulate LCD displays; explore various forms of sensors; and more.  No prior coding experience required.  Led by Jacob Sanders and Nathan Murray. (July 8 – 11)

Think You Can Beat Tsunami?  Designing, Building, and Testing a Model Building  (Patton Middle School) one session
In this five-day session, students will dive into the science of tsunami, research building designs being used around the world, design a model building capable of withstanding such an event, and work to become better engineers through a variety of challenges all leading up to the big wave.  Led by Kent Swick and Shane Fox.  (July 8 – 12)

Clay Tiles and Papier-Mâché Monsters  (Patton Middle School) one session
In this two-week session, students will use slabs of clay to create decorative tile trivets and carve bas-relief clay tiles to hang on the wall.  While the clay dries in preparation of firing, students will work with papier-mâché to create crazy monsters and creatures.  Led by Rona Aspholm and Kim McCoy. (July 8 – 11 and July 15 – 18)

Scenic Design for Theatre  (Patton Middle School) one session
In this two-week course, students will learn the principles of scenic design for the stage. Students will practice painting techniques, sculpting with insulation foam and spray foam, and create a mini set design using a shoebox. Led by Emily Wilcox and Jolyn McCullough. (July 22 – 25 and July 29 – August 1)

Don’t Be “Board” – Woodworking  (Career Technical Center, McMinnville High School) two sessions
Students will use basic geometry concepts to design, measure and build three different wood projects. Students will also use elements of safety, planning, measurement, equipment use and assembly to create a box, clipboard and cutting board.  Students will tour the high school construction site. Led by Eric Alexander, Brent Fodge and Jacob Sanders. (July 15 – 18) (July 22 – 25)

Rocket Test Launch  (Patton Middle School) one session
Students will explore the science and engineering behind how rockets work.   Students will build and launch various rocket models and investigate the variables that affect the distance and height of a rocket’s trajectory.  Led by Nathan Murray and Suzanne Jensen. (July 22 – 25)

Festivals, Foods and Crafts of the World  (Patton Middle School) three sessions
Every country around the world has festivals that bring people together to celebrate and share culture, food, music and traditions. Students will explore some of the festivals of the world and create crafts to decorate for a feast made from scratch. Led by Liz Knapp and Kim McCoy. (July 29 – August 1: Chinese Dragon Boat Festival) (August 5 – 8: Latin American Day of the Dead) (August 12 – 15: Indian Holi)

Do It for the Gram:  Nature Conservation in the Social Media Age  (Patton Middle School) one session
In this two-week session, students will focus on observational writing (including a trip to Miller Woods) and research, followed by a week of conservational project planning. Students will also investigate the influence of Instagram and other social media on national parks and other wildlife areas. The project will include a proposal for a solution to an issue caused by misuse of natural areas due to social media. We will also have an interview with a real life nature journalist. Led by Erin Hewitt and Cory Davis. (August 5 – 8 and August 12 – 15)

Make It Out of Metal  (Career Technical Center, McMinnville High School) two sessions
Students will learn and experience metal fabrication skills as well as basic hand tool and power tool equipment safety and operations. During the week, students will create multiple projects like metal name signs, clipboards, flowers and more. Led by Chip Ford and Abby Amerson. (August 5 – 8) (August 12 – 15)

String Art  (Career Technical Center, McMinnville High School) one session
String art is the perfect combination of math and creativity!  Students will choose or design a pattern, transfer it to wood and then use nails and string to make their creations come to life.  The end result will be a colorful weaving that can be used as decoration or a gift!  Led by Pamela Canady and Mackenzie King.  (August 5 – 8)

Summer CTE seminars are made possible by an Oregon Department of Education CTE Revitalization grant. The grant is intended to fund programs for middle school and freshmen students to engage in experiential learning focused on the construction trades: electrical, plumbing/mechanical, design and engineering, HVAC, metalwork and fabrication, and carpentry.

For downloadable flyer and registration form, click here (Español)


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