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MEF grants

MSD educators win mini-grants
Posted on 11/25/2015

The McMinnville Education Foundation (MEF) has selected 32 projects from the school district to receive grant funds to enhance learning opportunities for students. 

Teachers at all levels can request up to $1,000 to create and develop innovative programs including field trips; science opportunities; arts, history, and reading activities; and a variety of other enrichment opportunities.

The winners will be celebrated at a dessert reception on Tuesday, December 1 at 7 p.m. at the McMinnville Grand Ballroom. 

Grant recipients include:

  • Jack Sills and Brian Bixler, Newby Elementary, for Makey Makey Inventors kits ($416.50) for “Anyone Can Be An Inventor”
  • Darcy Houston and Nicole Long, McMinnville High School, for buses, t-shirts and lunches ($200) for “AVID College Exposure Day”
  • Kerrie Savage, McMinnville High School, for buses and art supplies ($675) for “Big City Art Walk”

  •  Christine Kinney, McMinnville High School, for buses, substitutes and museum donation ($894.40) for “Creating Opportunity for College and Creative Careers”

  •  Bethany Mason, McMinnville High School, for buses and substitute ($1,000) for “Cultural and Career Exposure through the Performing Arts”

  •  Christine Walker, McMinnville High School, for Scholastic monthly magazine subscriptions ($263.67) for “Current Events European Style”

  •  Rona Aspholm, Duniway Middle School, for an iPad and support ($923) for “Digital Art Galleries”

  •  Brian Crain, Patton Middle School, for 10 cameras and Smartphotoeditor ($1,000) for “Digital Photography or A Strong Vocabulary is the Key to Success” or “Brainpop for All”

  •  Joseph Demianew, Duniway Middle School, for scripts of plays and materials for set ($1,000) for “Drama Experience”

  •  Joe Matteson, McMinnville High School, for electricity and magnetism supplies ($1,000) for “Electricity and Magnetism Hybrid Course”

  •  Erik Svec, Katrina Amsberry and Olivia Dial, Columbus Elementary, for buses, wood, nails, hammer, planting materials and Farmers Market cash ($670.43” for “Environmental Service Learning”

  •  Meghan Martins, McMinnville High School, for iPad, tripod, Apple TV ($1,000) for “Flipping the Classroom: explore, play, talk, ready for tomorrow”

  •  DG Coy, Memorial Elementary, for 20 digital voice recorders ($559.80) for “Fluency Fridays”

  •  Jolene Heinrich, Shannon Botten, Kristin Clark, Natalie Behrends and Heather Freeman, Patton Middle School, for books ($1,000) for “Fostering Courage in Struggling Readers”

  •  Amanda Vinson and K-1 teachers, Wascher Elementary, for blank board books and markers ($562.64) for “Growing Engaged and Purposeful Writers”

  •  Seyed Atharinikrouh and Dave Carlson, Newby Elementary, for 30 cup stacking sets ($484.50) for “Growing Your Brain by Stacking Cups”

  •  Juanita Clarno, Mary Beth Kramer, Michael Roberson and Ben Johnston, McMinnville High School, for Arduino boards and electronic equipment ($984.32) for “Integrating Microcontrollers into Engineering, Manufacturing and Field Research Programs”

  •  Megan Whitaker, Columbus Elementary, for playground game supplies ($968.86) for “Portable Playground Enhancement”

  • David Larson, Duniway Middle School, for 15 Arduino Starter Kits ($944.85) for “Programming and ‘Making’ with Arduino"

  • Michele Brantner, Patton Middle School, for 15 Arduino Starter Kits ($944.85) for “Programming and ‘Making’ with Arduino”

  • Cassandra Kimura, Anne Massey and Heather Traff, Buel Elementary, for park rental, buses, gift cards, and outdoor school supplies ($794.54) for “Real Life Science”

  • Angela Newport, Ryan McIrvin and Tony Vicknair, McMinnville High School, for two laptop computers ($840) for “Research Tools for Speech & Debate Team”

  • Nathan Murray, Duniway Middle School, for FTC field perimeter and foam mats($1,000) for “Robotics: Takin’ it to the Mat”
  • Anne Massey, Cassandra Kimura and Heather Traff, Buel Elementary, for presentation boards, stopwatches, bacteria kit, etc. ($364.12) for “Science Symposium”
  • Kristin Clark and Ruth Nelson, Columbus Elementary, for sensory equipment ($500)
  • Jill Long, Duniway Middle School, for document camera ($325) for the STEM Lab
  • Ali Taylor and Sharon Buehler, Buel Elementary, for book bags, books, stipend and art supplies ($675) for “Summer Reading Rocks!”
  • Laura Syring, McMinnville High School, for iPad and Swivl ($1,000) for “Technology Tools for a Classroom Transformation”
  • Cassandra Kimura and Anne Massey, Buel Elementary, school supplies for 5th grade store ($399.56) for “The Value of a Dollar”
  • Stephanie Legard, all elementary schools for bus transportation($612) for “Traveling Back in Time”
  • Brent Fodge, Duniway Middle School, for video camcorder and tripod ($1,000) for video production
  • Chip Ford, McMinnville High School, for Pneumatic Coupon Bender ($838) for “Weld Test Coupon Bender”
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