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Bond FAQs 2018



What’s the basic plan of what’s ahead for the high school?

We are going to add additional instructional space at McMinnville High School.  We’re going to demolish the center of the high school – between where the last addition went up on the east side of the school and the older classrooms on the west side – and build new classrooms and common use areas. 

New areas include space for Pathway programs, the library, the counseling and student center, Bear Hugs, gyms and locker rooms, the wrestling and fitness center, and the dance/Yoga studio. We will also consolidate the front office into one area.

How will classes take place with areas of the building under construction?

The construction has been designed to occur within an occupied school. Our construction team has done similar work in the past and has planned for student and worker safety and how to minimize intrusion into the learning environment and surrounding neighborhood.

We’re also moving several classes over to the newly ungraded Adams School and have a plan for PE and sports (see below). 


If the middle of the high school is being rebuilt, how will the students get from one side of the building to the other?

Part of the final design of MHS is to have a “Main Street” that begins at the east entrance and runs through where the Red Gym and Lower Commons are now, ending at the interior side of the classroom section on the west side of the building.

The structure of the Main Street corridor will be completed by the end of Summer 2018 so it can provide access to the two sides of the building. The corridor will be constructed as a barrier between the construction work and the school, designed to keep down construction noise and dust and also to provide a well-lit, ventilated and heated walkway for the students.


If the gyms are being demolished, where will PE classes take place?

In planning for the temporary shortage of gym space, we scheduled a disproportionate number of students into PE classes this year. Because PE alternates with Health, in 2018-19, there will be a greater number of students taking Health classes while the gyms are being rebuilt. 

Some PE classes will be held in the new Field House on the east side of Wortman Stadium.  We will also relocate the weight room and Yoga classes to Adams. We may also hold some non-team-sport classes in the new, extended food court area.


What about sports?

The evening and extracurricular activity schedule is still being finalized and is subject to change. Arrangements to date include facility use of Patton Middle School and Linfield College for sports practices and games.

In Fall 2018, volleyball, the only fall sport based in a gym, will practice at Patton. Competitions will take place at one of the middle schools.  All other fall sports will still practice and play at MHS.

Winter sports in 2019 will take place in various locations:

Wrestling -- Both high school and middle schools will practice in the Field House. Competitions will take place at Patton Middle School.

Basketball – League, varsity home games will take place at Linfield beginning with Winter break. Nonleague games, which take place mostly in December, and sub-varsity games will take place at a middle school.  Practices will take place at Duniway and Patton middle schools and will balance with the middle school sports schedules.


What about other activities?

Some traditional activities, like assemblies and Homecoming, will also be impacted. I’m working with a group of rising seniors to come up with some ways to make their senior year special and memorable despite the building changes that we’ll be working around.


What changes need to occur for students to take classes at Adams?

We will issue key cards to all students scheduled for classes in Adams. The cards will only function during their scheduled class times and will expedite entry and exit from the Adams and the 15th and Evans Street door at MHS and allow us to keep school doors locked.

Passing time will be adjusted to account for the distance to Adams and back.


What about parking?

Some construction vehicles will park in the northeast lot, an area mostly used by staff.  Many of those staff members are moving to Adams, so they will be reassigned to the Adams lot, which is not now in use. 

We’ve calculated the number of student parking passes allocated, and the number of unassigned spaces, and believe we can accommodate parking needs. 

We don’t expect a signficant parking overflow into the neighborhood.


What about this summer?

The main building will be closed all summer.

The weight room will be open at Adams, and our summer school program will be housed at the CTC center and the Cook m

Wortman Stadium and the Field House will be open for preparation for the fall sports season.

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