District teachers awarded Technology Integration and Innovation grants
Posted on 11/09/2016

Yesterday, the recipients of the Technology Integration and Innovation for the New 21st Century Learner Grants gathered to share with each other details about how they plan to implement the use of funds.

One of the projects was a MakeyMakey invention kit (pictured), which turns everyday objects into touchpads and connects anything to the computer. Students can start out by making a fruit or vegetable piano (using water to conduct electricity) and advance to using additional inputs and multi-key mapping and create objects like game controllers or send messages on a custom-made keyboard.

Educators around the district were awarded grants to harness technology and spark innovation in their classrooms. The funds are intended to help students learn the skills that are critical in the global age: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Educators who applied for and were awarded the grants include:

  • Laura Syring- Creative Connections from Field to Files:  Empowering Students to Showcase and Solve Natural Resource Problems
  • Jacob Sanders and Hilary Brittan Lack- Intro to Coding Class
  • Katie Elliott and Teresa Denney- Narrowing the Access Gap:  HAK Your Homework (DMS)
  • Teresa Denney- Narrowing the Access Gap:  HAK Your Homework (PMS)
  • Brian Bixler- Let's MakeyMakey Something Together
  • David Larson- UAV Reverse Engineering and Community Service Project
  • Michele Brantner and Sara Sanchez- Modeling a Manufacturing Process from Concept to Production
  • Megan Whitaker- Make a MakerSpace
  • Erik Knoedler- Virtual Reality in the Classroom
  • Michael Roberson- Autonomous Microbots
  • Jared Larson- Where did we go and what did we see?
  • David Larson- Grizzly Robotics:  Velocity Vortex