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  harvest for schools

McMinnville School District spotlights a different local fruit or vegetable every month of the school year, using resources available from the Oregon Harvest for Schools program.


                  October         Harvest of the Month     Kiwi                  Español

Information from Golden Lake Farm:

Golden Lake Farm is a family-run micro farm on the edge of Salem. We started with a half-acre backyard garden, wanting to grow organic food for our family table. We were amazed by how much we could produce using sustainable techniques. Each year, we found ourselves giving away hundreds of pounds of produce to friends and total strangers. We liked growing so much that now we find ourselves farming 17 acres of deep, rich lake bed soil in the Willamette Valley.

Golden Lake Farming Method & Philosophy

We use no pesticides or fungicides. Small growers can make a difference! We are committed to making healthful, responsibly farmed food more accessible and affordable. We plan to donate some of our harvest to local food banks or other charities.

McMinnville School District is an equal opportunity provider.