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Mini-grant awards 2018

Nearly $25K in mini-grants awarded to district staff
Posted on 11/15/2018

Congratulations to district staff for winning the grant funds for the following projects. The McMinnville Education Foundation (MEF) has announced its annual mini-grant recipients with nearly $25,000 in 36 projects funded.

Teachers and staff at all levels were allowed to request grant funds up to $1,000 to augment educational opportunities such as field trips, classroom equipment, science, arts and more.

The winners and projects will be celebrated at a dessert reception on Thursday, November 29 in the McMinnville Grand Ballroom. All are welcome to attend.

Grant projects and grant writers include:

The Gosling Max Flight Simulator; Juanita Clarno; MHS Aerospace Engineering teacher; Admission to Evergreen Aviation Flight Simulator; ($288)

Bringing Wildlife Into the Classroom; Chad DeYoung; MHS Teacher; Trail Cameras;($884.53)

Broadening the Sunrise: Expanding Students' Vision of the World Through Memoir; Allison Cartmill, Katie Elliott, Wendy Buhler, Ryan Chambers; Duniway Middle School 8th Language Arts teachers; Books; ($1,000)

CHOICES; Heather Traff, Jessica Sloan, Deanne Stephens, Jena Mikkleborg, Nathan Murray; Duniway Middle School 6th Grade Core teachers; Art supplies and Motivational Coloring Books; ($547.32)

Chopped Cooking Club; Theresa McKeegan; Patton Middle School Cooking instructor; Cooking Equipment; ($700)

Classroom Calming and Regulation Stations; Kim McCoy; Patton Middle School EL teacher; Calming supplies; ($365)

Coding and Creating in Kinder; Shelly Shilhanek, Sarah Horst, Lisa Hill, Shauna Zavala; Wascher Elementary School Kinder teachers; Robotics Supplies; ($652.23)

Cultural and Career Exposure through the Performing Arts; Bethany Draper, Dani Potter; MHS Drama instructors; Bus and substitutes; ($1,000)

Current Events European Style; Christine Walker MHS German teacher; German magazines; ($263.66)

Emotional Growth Center Regulation Strategies; Lucas Vinson; MHS Emotional Growth teacher; sensory regulation items; ($500)

Entrepreneur Marketplace; Francesca Morrison; MHS teacher; materials for marketplace; ($250)

Fermentation: Project Base Learning with Bacteria; Meghan Martins; MHS teacher; Equipment and cultures; ($1,000)

Fire Writers' Conference; Kerrie Savage, Matt Brisbin; MHS ELA teachers; Bus and substitutes; ($200)

Global Empathy Field Trip; Timothy Love, Todd Sloan; Duniway Middle School Social Studies teachers; transportation; ($400)

Grizzly Robotics Rover Ruckus; David Larson; MHS; Engineering/Manufacturing teacher; Robotics Supplies; ($1,000)

Growth Mindset in First Grade at Wascher; Carolyn Smith, Samantha Moorhead, Tiffany Sauter; Wascher Elementary School 1st grade teachers; Books demonstrating growth mindset; ($393.66)

H20 Painting; Laura Tiogangco, Sarah Karabinus; Memorial Elementary School teachers; Art Books; ($938.52)

History of Yamhill Field Trip; Timothy Love, Todd Sloan; Duniway Middle School Social Studies teachers; Student Presentations; ($720)

Indian Education; Deb Franciosi and district 6th grade ELA teachers; Curriculum development for Indian education; ($1,000)

Learning to Lead: Fostering Leadership; Lindsey Barske, Michelle Graham, Brenna Coad; Wascher Elementary School staff; Bus, art supplies, picker uppers; ($300)

MHS Farm to Table; Brian Altree; MHS teacher-Cook Program; Growing supplies; ($500)

More Than Just Flashcards; Christine Walker, Beth Ann Pope, Nancy Franssen, Erica Zimmerman, Cecilia Rentsch, Mary Canchola, Andrea Brown; MHS teachers; Subscriptions to Quizlet; ($201)

Multimodal Projects in College Writing and Intro to Fiction; Kerrie Savage; MHS ELA teacher (CCN); Blurb fees; ($500)

Orff Instruments in the Classroom; Debbie Chiovaro; Buel Elementary School Music teacher; Orff Xylophones; ($1,000)

Physics; Kelly Shipley; MHS teacher; physics equipment; ($997)

Promoting Scientific Literacy through Argumentation; Pam Chambers, Heather Bergschneider, Jared Larson; MHS Science teachers; Argument Driven Inquiry Program; ($386)

Readers' Choice; Deb Franciosi; Patton Middle School ELA teacher; young adult texts; ($1,000)

Representing All Students with Culturally Relevant Literature; Larissa Leavitt, Carrie Munger, Anne Massey; Buel Elementary School 5th grade teachers; Books; ($606)

Salmon Watch; Eryn Meinhart, Kent Swick; Patton Middle School 8th grade science teachers; Bus and substitutes; ($1,000)

Sensory Path to Success; Amanda Vinson, Shauna Zavala, Michelle Graham, Sarah Horst, Debbie Gooch; Wascher Elementary School staff; Vinyl cut supplies for sensory development; ($922.98)

Snap, Crackle...Pop?; Brian Bixler; Newby Elementary School 2nd grade teacher; Electrical engineering kits; ($799.95)

Supporting Success for Students with Disabilities; Lacy Bladine and other special ed teachers; "Shadow Project” materials: books, sensory tools, etc.; ($1,000)

TAG: Today's Learners Tomorrow's Leaders; Theresa McKeegan; Memorial Elementary School TAG teacher; Writing festival entrance, bus; ($1,000)

The Notebook Doctor; Nicole Bennett; Duniway Middle School counselor; Notebook organization supplies; ($400)

Trudy Ludwig Author Visit; Sharon Buehler; Grandhaven Elementary School librarian; two author assemblies; ($1,000)

Windows and Mirrors: Literacy with an Equity Lens; Kourtney Ferrua, Erin Combs, Sara Jacobs, Alese Peterson, Cathy Burns, Tiffany Sauter, Sarah Horst; Wascher Elementary School staff; Books reflecting various cultures; ($1000)


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